Elko Community Concerts Association


2022 Concert Evening Out

In addition to the great concerts and performances, as an ECCA member you can also enjoy in concert night discounts at several local restaurants. Concert Evening Out.  The following area restaurants have generously offered various specials and discounts for ECCA members on concert nights to experience a complete evening out. Please see your paid ticket packet for specific details and coupons.
Star Hotel

Member Extras

Reciprocal Associations
Many community concert associations in surrounding states participate in reciprocal agreements with the Elko Community Concert Association. If in your travels you are near one of these associations when they have an event you may be able to attend their concert. Please download and print the linked files for the schedules of Idaho-Nevada-Montana, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington affiliates. (Please note, local ticket holders will be seated first, then reciprocal ticket holders will be seated on a space available, first come first served basis.)

Concert Etiquette

*  Remain in your seat during the concert.  If you must leave, please do so quietly and wait to return until the number being played is over and applause begins.
*  In a musical number with several movements, it is customary to hold applause until all movements have been performed.
*  If you begin coughing, please exit the auditorium until the episode is over.  
*  If your children are restless or noisy, please take them to the lobby until they are ready to be more attentive.
*  Keep paper noise and talking to a minimum once the concert has begun.
*  Please, NO audible electronic devices.  Please turn off your cell phones. 
Attention to these suggestions will make concerts enjoyable for everyone.